The investment in staging is ​always less than a price reduction!...
  1. Staging, Styling, Redesign
    Redesign, repainting, cleaning, changing the decor or simply rearranging existing furniture can give your home a fresh new look; These small touches together with removing unnecessary pieces can create a desirable space that buyers can imagine themselves living in and want to buy it! Home staging will help to improve your property visibility online, in estate agents galleries and printed brochures. It will also leave the best first impressions when you get buyers in the door. And eventually, help to get the best possible price!
  2. Vacant or Rented Homes Staging
    It is hard to visualize a home or a room’s full potential when it’s untidy or empty. Potential buyers/tenants must be able to see themselves living in the home! Vacant homes stay on the market longer and usually sell and rent for less! Furnishing a home or a room, even with minimal furnishings, enables the buyer and tenants to get a better idea of how a room can be used and see its full potential. Smart Home Staging can transform your vacant property into a beautiful home that will appeal to most viewers!
  3. Cleaning Services
    A professional cleaning will help your home look more open and welcoming. We can help with this process and make your home as appealing as possible to potential buyers by cleaning, decluttering and de-personalizing your home. We offer a completely personalized service for preparing your house for sale that can add thousands to your sale price and help to sell your home faster. We can include weekly cleaning and fresh flowers so everything always looks its best.
  4. Professional Photography
    Homebuyers start their search online, so it is important to make the first impression and make the property looks its best! Eye-catching, professional images grab the buyer’s attention and make them want to view your property. We are delighted to offer a professional photography service to our clients to save their time and money! We will make sure your listing stands out from the others!